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Dear Members,


It has been 9 months since our meeting in May to relaunch the Penzance Civic Society (PzCS). 


So, its 2023 and for many of us the first 3 years of this decade have gone in a flash. However, looking back there have been some significant developments in Penzance. The Promenade has been revitalised, the Jubilee Pool has its geothermal pool, the Market House has been purchased for the town and we have become used to Market Jew Street having less traffic.


Of course, there are so many things that time, and money, could improve on. Getting the priorities right is really what the Penzance Civic Society seeks to support – making sure Penzance is a great place to live, work or visit.



















For 2023 we see our priorities as working closely with the Penzance Council and local Cornwall Councillors on the Neighbourhood Plan, with particular interest in the development of the harbour and Coinagehall area. We are expecting an announcement on this shortly.

In addition, we will continue to press for action on buildings that are at risk and that give a negative visual impression of the town. The buildings of most concern are St Pauls Church at the top of Clarence Street, the old Ganges restaurant in Chapel St and the Devon and Cornwall Bank building (previously occupied by Holland and Barrett) next to Wetherspoons.

















We ended 2022 with a review of the very important Neighbourhood Plan which ended its public consultation on the 31st December. The plan can still be viewed by clicking the link: Draft Pz Neighbourhood Plan.  Our response to the Neighbourhood Plan has been added to the PzCS website:


The PzCS Committee will continue to follow progress on the Neighbourhood Plan and would like to hear your view, so please use the email You may have seen the article in the Cornishman regarding the proposed development at Trannack. (Planning application PA22/11412   Devonshire Homes - Trannack Farm Development )


As a society we accept that more housing is required but we have serious misgivings regarding the current proposal for Trannack Farm. The connectivity between the site and the town is inadequate and the density of the housing is too high.


We are also concerned about the mix of housing and the designs of the properties which appear to have little or no character that reflects Penzance’s sense of place.   We intend to make our representation at the special planning meeting in St John’s Hall on Tuesday 7th February at 7p.m. and will be open to everyone to attend


In case you have missed it, Cornwall’s residents are being consulted on the ‘Devolution Deal’ with responses due by February 17th , click on   Proposed Devolution Deal  to find out more and have your say.


The Society would like to propose an informal get together over an evening buffet for members and others who may be interested in supporting the Society. At this stage we would like to establish the level of interest to have some idea of likely numbers.  We will seek to keep the price to a modest level. If you or someone you know would be interested, please email This would be a great opportunity for members and the committee to get to know each other better and to improve communication.




Gerry Penrose

On Behalf of the Penzance Civic Society

February 2023

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